How to choose a bike helmets

A bike helmet is the most important piece of equipment that every cyclist should own. The majority of cycling fatalities occur due to head injuries. A bicycle helmet helps to protect ones head if the cyclist should happen to crash. and since we both know we need a ski helmets when we skiing and the ridding is same. there are many different styles of helmets to choose from including mountain bike helmets, road bike helmets and BMX helmets.
The main problem with helmets is not with the helmets themselves, it’s with the attitude towards them, the idea that they’re the first and last word in bike safety.

When choosing a bicycle helmet you mainly want to look at three things. Price, fit and keeping cool. Okay, and a forth thing, looking cool. Starting with price. This can go up to around £210 and as low as £34. and in a hello kitty shop the price is good too. The truth helmet manufacturers don’t want you to know is you will receive most of the benefit with a cheaper helmet as you will with a more expensive one. At least when it comes to protection. However, spending more money should keep your head cooler and provide more comfort.

You will want to fit the helmet correctly because it will provide far better protection and it will feel more comfortable. A properly fitted bicycle helmet will reach about halfway down your forehead and will cover a good part of the back of your head. The more it covers the better.

The strap should fit closely under the chin and should form a v-shape around the ears. Not all bicycle helmets are born the same and some will fit better than others. After you have tried one and tightened it make sure it does not wobble.

The best bet is to go into a bike shop and try the helmet first. One will fit more comfortably than others. Ideally ask an assistant in the shop to fit the helmet for you. Alternatively, if buying online, make sure you measure your head correctly as instructed by the manufacturer.

Lighter colours can be seen by other road users so go for brighter colours (one of the ones I have recommended below even has lights behind the straps). You should aim to buy a helmet with a rounded outer shell so there is nowhere for the helmet to get caught in a fall.

In terms of keeping cool as you would expect more air vents equal more cooling of the head. However, more air vents also means that there is less of the padding to protect your head. You should pick a trade-off between the two.

As for weight? This doesn’t tend to be an issue as the majority of helmets weigh less than 300 grams.

Comfort has several factors. For example, the material that makes up the bicycle helmet’s liner should feel comfortable against the skin. The internal padding of the helmet should act as a comfortable cushion between the head and the helmet internals, and the liner shape should perfectly match your head shape. The perfect helmet would be so comfortable that the rider would forget that it’s there.

That’s all lessons about how to choose the right bicycle helmets.

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